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Post by Ferox on Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:20 pm


Our Ancestors created three classes. Ausus, the Daring, Pando, the easy going, and Foedus, the rule followers. The last Dux, Leto, had a son before the fight. His name was Ferox. He was the only survivor from the battle between his fathers pack. Ignoring his mothers advice of running and laying low in another pack, Ferox remained in the territory waiting for loners, to refuel his fathers system, and fullfill his heritage name and continue the classes once more. His father told him to make him proud before running off into battle within the pack and the classes trying to separate once more. So, with a firey determination, Ferox is trying to reestablish the pack and gain control and make his Ancestors proud. The question is... How long will it last? And What class will you pick?



Ausus wolves are your general wolves that aren't afraid of anything, they are the strong and silent, but like to take daring adventures, making their life, more... interesting. These wolves know what to do in a time of panic, and they follow the Dux accordingly, like any other pack wolf.


Pando wolves are fun to be around when sad. They are full of laughter and never seem sad. They hide their emotions well to keep the laughter flowing. They pull pranks, and hardly ever listen to the Condus, or Tertius, But when addressed by the Dux himself, they do everything they can to get it done quickly and fast.


Foedus wolves are as loyal as they get. If you need to keep a secret, they are the one to go too. The Dux, Condus, and Tertius, rely on these wolves to lead patrols and parties. You will most likely see one of this class in a higher rank. They can be the most trustworthy, but, they can be a bully, they stand for what they believe in no matter what, make sure you're on their good side.


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