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~The Truth About Shysie~

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~The Truth About Shysie~ Empty ~The Truth About Shysie~

Post by Shysie on Tue Feb 24, 2015 4:29 am


NAME ~ Shysie

AGE ~ 24 moons


CLASS ~ Foedus

RANK ~ Sicarius

S.O. ~ Hetro


OVERALL APPEARENCE ~ Shysie is a slim wolf who appears weak. However under her pelt she ripples with lean muscles. Many think that she is a Luto due to her long legs and slightly longer than normal fangs but they are far from the truth

EYE COLOR ~ swirling amber and green make up her eye color

FUR LENGTH ~ Her fur is long

FUR COLOR ~ Most black

FUR TEXTURE ~ Thick but silk smooth and soft

SCARS/MARKINGS ~ Shysie carries no scars on her body but does have a white crescent moon on her right flank

SCENT ~ She smells like the forest after a fresh rain storm

OTHER ~ Blood can sometimes be found in her scent after a kill


PERSONALITY ~ Shysie is a quiet fae with a loyalty streak a mile wide. She is fiercely protective and it's your death warrant to end up on her or her packs bad side. She is openly loving and caring and none have ever guessed her true training as she is often found watching over the pups. Rarely seen though she can become a bit of a bit** if you annoy her and are not her lead or dux.

MENTAL STATE ~ She is sane until you give her someone to take out then you may question it

OTHER ~ She only listens to the due or the lead of her rank none else even though she is respectful to all

HISTORY~ Shysie was the only living pup born to her parents Boaz and Amabelle. Three pups were still born and Boaz decided that Shysie would train as a Sicarius to take his place once he retired as her parents were 6 years old having made their ways up to leads in their chosen ranks with her mother a Luto.

Shysie grew up in a loving pack and unaware of her impending training even though she knew who was in what rank. When she was a yearling she watched over the pups which helped to make her more caring and gentle with them and listening to the elders while helping them made her respectful.

When Shysie turned 18 moons old she was pulled away from the pack and put through her training. She was isolated from friends and family and the whole rank bar her father were  her mentors. She was taught how to hide her tracks, how to move silently, the best way to cause 'accidents' and erase her scent and anything else that could bring it back to her. She finished training and for her final test a wolf from a nearby pack was brought in and it was what tipped the balance in her mind.

Shysie had watched in a detached manner as the white brute fell into the gorge as blood left his body. She had ripped open one of his main veins and the tear was made bigger by the sharp rocks that he fell against. He had 'slipped' and she vanished. Leaving her birth pack behind she travelled east until she found the land of Aevus and joined.


CRUSH ~ She is still looking for a male

MATE ~ Shysie doesn't mate for anything but love

OFFSPRING ~ She has no pups of her own

SIRE ~ Boaz

DAM ~ Amabelle

SIBLINGS ~ Shysie was the only surviving pup of her litter

OTHER ~ She has no friends or foes yet

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~The Truth About Shysie~ Empty Re: ~The Truth About Shysie~

Post by Ferox on Tue Feb 24, 2015 7:45 am

Looks nice. Glad to have you in the pack

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~The Truth About Shysie~ Empty Re: ~The Truth About Shysie~

Post by Lucifer on Tue Feb 24, 2015 11:03 am

Nice bio. Welcome to the pack.

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~The Truth About Shysie~ Empty Re: ~The Truth About Shysie~

Post by Shysie on Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:25 am

Thanks guys I can't to rp with you

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~The Truth About Shysie~ Empty Re: ~The Truth About Shysie~

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