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Post by Ferox on Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:17 pm


Don't worry, its basically common sense.

1.  Semi realistic. Yes unrealistic eye colors are allowed, no they can not change. Hence the word SEMI.

2. Try to make your roleplay posts to a MINIMUM of three sentences. Good sentences too, no elementary sentences. this keeps roleplay moving and interesting.

3. I will allow some cussing  on the site, HOWEVER, please keep it too a bare minimum and not in every. flipping. sentence.

4. Grammer and spelling i somewhat would like in all areas of the Forum and try to keep text chat (lol, brb, ttyl, etc) in the OOC section. Thanks.

5. Be active. YOU are what keeps this pack active, so be sure to try and stay active!

6. Please keep all characters a wolf, Dire wolves will be considered, But keep to normal wolves please, Thanks.

7. BEFORE jumping into any kind of Roleplay, make sure to have your bio posted AND approved. this makes it a bit easier on me.

8. ABOSOLUTELY NO Godmodding, OR Mary Sues. no one is a beast, or perfect. get used to it.

9. Be respectful of other people and their beliefs and what not. come on guys.

10. LISTEN and OBEY all moderators of the site. if not, well, your banned. thats it.

11. No killing other characters (unless the Character owner says its okay) or controlling the members character. Shouldn't  become a problem.

this will grow as necessary.

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